Shirtworks Screen Printers is a family owned business, serving the local Athens community since 1995. We specialize in custom printing and embroidery. 


Our story

Shirtworks started in a small shop on Prince Avenue in 1995. Continually outgrowing our spaces, we moved a few times and are now in our current location at 1797 Old West Broad. Our owners, a.k.a. ‘The Twins’, are twin sisters, Jackie and Kathy Moran.


The Ice cream

Our tradition of offering complimentary ice-creams to our customers started at our first shop on Prince Avenue. It didn’t have air-conditioning, so during the summer months our printing area could reach 107 degrees. Therefore, it was only logical to supply our workers, as well as our lovely delivery drivers, with an ample supply of Schwan’s ice cream. It seemed only fitting to offer complimentary ice-creams to our customers, as well. We continued this tradition in every shop since then, even though we now enjoy the modern miracle that is called air-conditioning.